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           Coaching Services  

For more than a decade, I have been helping my clients live up to their potential through the power of coaching. I cover a wide range of personal and professional topics which include;

  • Personal development, identity, motivation, performance, EQ, creativity, resilience 

  • Careers, politics, leadership, soft skills, managing others, work-life balance

  • Anxiety, uncertainty, stress, well-being, add/adhd, asd, chronic health conditions

  • Relationships, confidence, self worth, youth work, family, life, trauma, loss, transition

  • Coach mentoring and supervision





  • Tap into your values and motivations so you can move forward with purpose and clarity

  • Identify your personality traits and thinking styles, so you can operate more effectively and with greater levels of authenticity

  • Overcome barriers, remove fears and develop a proactive mindset

  • Provide you with the necessary tools and confidence to succeed


I am professionally trained to help you...

Coaching Approach and Services 






I am an experienced coach with a professional background in psychology. My approach is solution focused, based on self management and transformational change.  As a general guide, click on the images below to see the areas of coaching I cover. This list is not exhaustive, please contact me with your specific requirements.

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