“With a background in high growth tech start-ups and having not been through big corporate management training schemes I knew there were some gaps in my personal development.  Jonathan was able to provide a structured and practical approach to help me deal with high pressure situations as well as better understand what makes me tick. Through his coaching I have been able to reduce friction with certain personality types that I had previously not able to instinctively understand. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who's serious about progressing their career and working at CxO level in the tech industry.” Duncan Malcolm, Product Manager, Founder, 


I am so happy I reached out to Jonathan. He helped me work through some challenging events and transitions in my career that probably would have taken me years to get through on my own. His style feels very natural and fluid, but I found there to be an underlying process Jonathan was constantly steering me through. What is unique about Jonathan is he combines strong professional experience, coaching qualifications, together with certified psychology techniques. It is easy to find a career coach to challenge you. It is not so easy to find someone who can do this and dig deeper into the underlying forces that make you tick. It was an illuminating experience and really helped me to understand my motivations and think more holistically about my career choices. I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan to others" Mr X, Senior Executive, Music Industry

After the sessions and the work we did together, Jonathan helped me to simplify my mind, allowing me to focus on my strengths and gain some proper clarity of thought, emerging with direction and renewed vigour to get life balance and a clear focus on how to deal and resolve some specific personal situations. On top of that, our coaching sessions were enjoyable and challenging but never stressful at the same time. It has been an enormous pleasure doing coaching with Jonathan and I look forward to the next steps. Pablo Gomez, Senior Data Visualisation Specialist.


I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from a business coach and my expectations were quite low at the beginning. Jonathan was a very pleasant surprise. His wealth of knowledge in various industries and business sectors helps him draw on that experience and provide lots of valuable strategic business ideas. At the end of each session I feel full of energy and ideas which have been valuable to growing my business over the past 4 years. Thank you for all your guidance over the years And I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

Dr Haffar, Simply Clinics 

I had the pleasure of working under Jonathan's proactive leadership of YKK EMEA Communications function. He is an extraordinary strategist with a great mind. His management style is authentic, persuasive and very inspiring. For me he is one of a kind. Guzin Kizilaslan, YKK Turkey Communications Manager



Jon has quite simply changed my life. He has helped me to successfully deal with various traumatic events that have occurred in my life. At a young age I suffered abuse and for many years was unable to talk to anyone about it. Very quickly I felt at ease with Jon and able to confide in him. Now for the first time, I feel free to move forward in my life. I have also suffered the devastating loss of loved ones. Jon has helped me understand my emotions, working through what happened and helping me through the various stages of grief. Time does not mean you love less; it just means you deal with your feelings differently. Jon helped me to think about loved ones in a positive way too. He is perceptive, empathetic, reliable and authentic. Thankyou Jon. Hannah White



My 13-year-old son was struggling, (ASD) having suffered from severe anxiety for a couple of years and was unable to attend school for a long period of time.  After his diagnosis, we had seen many counsellors, both private and through the NHS, but he hadn’t quite managed to connect. When we went to see Jonathan, he was very calm and understanding. For the first time, I really felt like my son was feeling understood.  Jonathan worked with my son, gained his trust, established a good relationship with him and helped him endlessly.  He provided him with the tools and coping strategies to help him move forward. Highly recommend this excellent psychologist/coach! Mrs Levison

I feel for the first time my son is making a progress. Jonathan is a gifted listener. He enabled my son to find the answers he was searching for. Jonathan managed my sons stress levels and helped him to make great strides across life, work and study. Jonathan’s ability, knowledge and experience distinguishes him from all other coaches. He was able to find the correct approach needed to help my son move forward. Honestly, I can't thank him enough. Mrs Souroukides.



I approached Jonathan while I was developing my coaching practice with two specific aims: to clarify my own thinking in terms of my coaching approach and to gain the coaching supervision I needed for my qualification. The sessions with Jonathan were always thought provoking.  Sessions with Jonathan pushed me to really reflect on my own practice and challenged me to clarify my own coaching approach. His reflections back to me were inspirational and he saw things that I had not seen myself - more importantly these reflections felt authentic to myself. I would highly recommend Jonathan, not only because of his expertise and experience but also his commitment to his clients. Raksha Bhalsod


Over the years I have worked with a diverse range of clients. I have put together a collection of their testimonials below.






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